Advisers urged to regularly review customers’ B&C insurance

Michael Lloyd

July 15, 2019

Advisers should review customers’ household buildings and contents (B&C) insurance insurance cover every year to help them save money, Carl Stacey, head of distribution at Assurant Intermediary, has recommended.

Stacey (pictured) said that by conducting that review face-to-face, there is an opportunity to complete a more holistic review of their finances.

He said: “B&C insurance is an annually renewable product and provides a great opportunity to not only review levels of cover, but also the terms and conditions covering excesses, accidental damage, alternative accommodation, trace and access and escape of water excess.

“Older policies definitely need to be reviewed as much for what they do not cover as for what they do. Providers’ appetite changes all the time and as we have seen with car insurance, today’s best deal might not actually look as good a year down the line.

“For example, in the case of water leaks, does the policy cover the finding of the leak source as well as getting to the issue to fix it? If it does not, any damage to fixtures and fittings in the hunt for the leak may not be covered.”

Stacey added: “While on the subject of water escape, there is likely to have been an excess placed on the policy which is higher than the standard excess, but how much higher? It varies from insurer to insurer – a good one to check.

“Apart from making sure the customer has adequately estimated the cost of replacing the contents, the critical part is to ensure that the cover actually does what the customer thinks it does.

“With advisers’ client banks increasingly under threat from online product and service providers, as well as fellow advisers, it makes it even more important for brokers to stay closer than ever to their customers.”

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