AEGON’s Business Brain endorsed by advisers

Nia Williams

September 20, 2010

The website has been helping advisers adapt their business models to meet the Retail Distribution Review challenges they will face in 2013 and beyond since its launch in 2008. This valuable business tool has received praise and endorsement from advisers who have benefited from the free online material.

The website includes videos and interactive presentations with step-by-step guides to help advisers put plans in place to ensure the future success of their business.

John Joe McGinley, business consultant manager at AEGON said: “Business Brain highlights seven golden rules to successful business planning, taking advisers through each step of the process. We have also engaged advisers when developing the site to ensure the support and guidance provided is working for them.

“We wanted to have a free non password protected environment to ensure maximum usage. While others charge for RDR support and consultancy the business brain website has been produced to show our ongoing commitment to the adviser market place that faces many challenges, not least RDR.”

Andrew Holder from JMG planning Leeds, who incorporated some of the tools and techniques into his own business planning said: “AEGON’s Business Brain website has all the tools and information required to help us re-evaluate our traditional commission based business model and take the steps needed to move to a ‘client agreed remuneration’ basis in advance of RDR implementation.

“The website has helped us to segment our database for marketing purposes and identify the clients who are more likely to be profitable for us as a business in the future.”

Sharon Sutton from Thornton Associates said: “The website provides a comprehensive range of online support material which is useful for any adviser who is looking to revisit or develop their business model.

“The ‘how to’ zone provides practical step-by-step guides, ensuring that all businesses, regardless of where they are on the planning cycle can benefit. The support material also contains information helping advisers identify where they want their business to be in the future, and how to get there by putting together a comprehensive action plan.”

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