Affordability assessments slow down applications

Nia Williams

March 19, 2015

This is according to the latest research from Equifax which also revealed that 32% of those who have yet to apply also said they would find it fairly difficult to obtain evidence of all the expenditure information they believe a lender needs to assess a mortgage application.

Around 69% who responded to the survey also expressed concern that more detailed affordability checks would affect the amount they could borrow; 40% are also worried about the time it will take to complete their mortgage application.

The responsibilities placed upon lenders, which came into effect in April 2014, as a result of the Mortgage Market Review, obviously place even greater onus on the lender to assess an applicant’s ability to repay. The applicant’s credit history is likely to play a crucial role in that assessment, alongside other information gathered as part of the application process.

Laura Barrett, Equifax Consumer Affairs, said: “It is important to remember that lenders will take into account the information provided on the application form and will look at an applicant’s income and outgoings to ensure they can afford the mortgage they are applying for, now and in the future.

“However, our research suggests that 22% are still unconvinced that the new affordability rules will help prevent homeowners overstretching themselves in the long term.

“We would recommend compiling any financial documents and expenditure information needed to support a mortgage application, as soon as the application process starts. Advance preparation will hopefully avoid any unnecessary delays.”

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