Affordability tool BrokerSense launches

Ryan Bembridge

June 12, 2018

A tool has launched which allows brokers to perform affordability checks without submitting data on multiple lenders’ websites.

BrokerSense hosts date on a number of lenders from Twenty7Tec, with affordability results being sent back to brokers in 30 seconds.

The platform was developed by broker Stuart Phillips, who has a decade of experience, and Mark Spilsbury, a freelance developer with experience working on complex banking applications.

Phillips said: “I see a future where consumers expect all the convenience provided by technology, yet still benefit from the knowledge and advice of an experienced mortgage broker.

“For brokers, improved technology increases the number of customers they can serve and allows them to focus on what they do best: giving advice.”

BrokerSense’s results contain screenshots of lender calculators, live product data, as well as KFI and Evidence of Research documents.

The system references government watchlists, sanctions lists, and politically exposed persons checks, as well as conducting a full anti-money laundering check.

To mitigate the risk of identity theft, BrokerSense allows for easy address verification, sending a code via mail, to ensure the client lives at the address they say they do.

Spilsbury said: “Customers want the benefits of robo-advice but we feel it’s just as important to keep a human at the heart of the conversation.

“We believe we can start to improve the technology available to brokers and start delivering a more transparent, efficient and cost-effective service allowing brokers to reduce price, but drastically increase sales volumes.”

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