AfI cuts fees and rates

Nia Williams

March 17, 2010

AfI’s 90% LTV, two year tracker Homebuyer product will see its introductory fee reduced from £995 to £199 and its rate changing to 5.79% (BBR + 5.29%).

A spokesman for Abbey for Intermediaries, said: “Feedback from intermediaries is that our high LTV product is proving very popular, yet customers would prefer a lower product fee.

“By lowering this fee and raising the product rate we are not changing the overall cost of the mortgage, but are helping to stimulate the high LTV market by making the product more accessible to those buyers, in particular first time buyers, who prefer lower up-front fees when buying a home.

“For those customers who would like to pay a lower rate, Abbey for Intermediaries also offers a range of alternatives such as the 85% LTV, two year tracker mortgage at 4.74% with a £495 booking fee.”

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