AfI launch 1.99pc seven day special

Robyn Hall

November 22, 2012

The product is a 2-year fix with a rate of 1.99% and a £1,495 fee, which is available up to 60% LTV to both homebuyers and remortgagers. The product has a maximum loan size of £500,000.

Miguel Sard, managing director of Abbey for Intermediaries, said: “We are delighted to support the intermediary market with this market leading all key account exclusive, which is available to more than 95% of the intermediary market.

“With a fantastic rate of 1.99% and available to both homebuyers and remortgagers up to 60% LTV, we expect this great rate to be snapped up within the next seven days.

“We are committed to supporting the intermediary market with great products and service, and we have also reduced rates again on our buy-to-let range. With these deals also available exclusively through the intermediary market, we expect there to be strong demand from intermediaries and their clients.”

AFI will also be reducing rates by up to 0.26% on the following buy-to-let deals for non-professional landlords:

• 2-year fix available up to 75% LTV, rate reduced by 0.26% to 3.89% with a £1,495 fee

• 2-year fix available up to 60% LTV, rate reduced by 0.20% to 2.89% with a 2.5% fee

• 2-year fix available up to 60% LTV, rate reduced by 0.20% to 3.49% with a £1,495 fee

• 5-year fix available up to 60% LTV, rate reduced by 0.10% to 4.39% with a £1,495 fee

The reductions to AfI’s buy-to-let range follow AfI’s reduction in the minimum property value for a buy-to-let application from £100,000 to £75,000 on Wednesday 21 November. This was in response to strong demand in the non-professional buy-to-let sector, and following feedback from intermediaries and their clients.

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