After the storm

Nia Williams

October 28, 2013

Damage caused by falling trees and walls, lost tiles and weather damage to roofs are the most common claims so far, according to Aviva.

“Our claims teams are already on the ground in the affected areas and will start visiting customers’ homes where needed and assessing the damage first hand,” said Rob Townend Aviva’s director of claims.

“The high winds have caused significant damage to property which will be a new and difficult experience for many people. So we know it is important to explain to people how it all works, what they can expect and what it means for their home and their family.

“And with storm damage there is no such thing as an “Act of God” exclusion – this is exactly what your insurance covers you for!

“So any damage caused to your property as a direct result of storm force wind and flood water is covered including damage caused by fallen trees AND if you are forced to move out of your home the cost of alternative accommodation is also paid for. We will make emergency payments where necessary and we can make separate arrangements for your pets too!”

But remember an insurance policy is not a maintenance policy – most companies expect your home to be in reasonable condition, wear and tear isn’t covered. Fences, gates and hedges that have blown down as a direct result of high winds are also generally excluded.

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