Age Partnership to cater for Yorkshire Building Society’s interest-only customers

Ryan Bembridge

March 7, 2017

Age Partnership will cater for Yorkshire Building Society’s interest-only customers who have no repayment vehicle or a shortfall at the end of their mortgage term.

The advice is offered on a fee free basis and the partnership went live at the beginning of March.

Andrew Clare, senior risk and quality control manager of customer operations at Yorkshire Building Society, said: “We are very pleased to be working with Age Partnership to develop a process to support customers who need wider advice than the Group can currently provide.

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“Age Partnership’s values and culture are aligned to ours and it is a completely customer centric organisation, as exemplified by their Net Promoter Score approach. I have also been really impressed by the eagerness and care their people have shown in developing the right approach for Society customers.

“We look forward to introducing customers in complete confidence and trust that Age Partnership will look after their interests in the same way we would.”

The equity release industry has already been boosted by customers coming to the end of interest-only terms, as the market released over £2bn of equity in 2016.

Tom Moloney, corporate partnerships manager at Age Partnership, said: “We are delighted to be working with Yorkshire to support their interest only customers. Together we have tailored our services to ensure clients have the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions.

“Our offering will encompass residential mortgage and equity release advice so clients benefit from real choice. To ensure cost is not a barrier to engagement no advice fee will be payable.

“Combined with the right advice, equity release can play a key role in supporting clients with no interest only mortgage repayment strategy. With competitive rates of interest, improved flexibility and the ability to service interest, this could be a viable long-term solution for many clients.”

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