Ageas Protect improves CI T&Cs

Nia Williams

December 15, 2011

It will contact all its existing critical illness customers shortly to inform them that their terms and conditions have been improved at no extra cost following the launch of an enhanced critical illness product in November.

At that time Ageas Protect stated that all enhancements will be applied retrospectively to existing customers for the second year running.

In a move that the protection specialist believes to be an industry first, Ageas Protect has also revisited all previous critical illness claims made by their existing customers as part of the retrospective improvements. Normally retrospective improvements to existing customers’ policies are applied to future claims from a set date in time, not previous claims that have already been paid.

Existing claimants will be contacted if their claim is against one of the conditions that were improved in November, and offered an increased pay out where appropriate. At least two children’s critical illness claims are included in this exercise, where the parents of those children will now receive double the sum that they had originally been paid.

Andy Millburn, head of marketing at Ageas Protect, said: “We’ve chosen to apply improvements to our existing customers’ policies, and also felt strongly about contacting previous claimants who may now receive a higher pay out as this underlines our commitment to treating customers fairly.

“We’ve had great feedback from advisers about our approach, and would like to thank our critical illness reinsurers, SCOR Global Life, for working with us to implement these improvements.”

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