Agents dubbed ‘dishonest and unethical’ by tenants

Ryan Bembridge

April 27, 2017

Two in five UK renters see estate agents as ruthless and unethical for a misleading them in a number of ways, research from online estate agent LetBritain has revealed.

As many as 37% of tenants were misled on competition they faced from other tenants while 38% were knowingly advertised unavailable properties.

A similar proposition (37%) called out the rental system for being unable to cater for the demand and speed of the market.

Generation Rent has been let down by the government

In London tenants were even more critical, with 50% saying the rental system is not fit for purpose and three in five (61%) being misled by agents.

Fareed Nabir, founder and chief executive of LetBritain, said: “Today’s research delivers some revealing insights into the opinions of generation rent.

“It is obvious that renters up and down the country feel let down by their estate agent – from luring them in with properties that aren’t available to misleading potential tenants about the competition they face, the country’s rental population is suffering at the hands of questionable practices.

“Clearly a faster, fairer and more transparent system is required to alleviate the time and stress involved in securing a rental property.”

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