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Nia Williams

February 12, 2010

Those who register as preferred partners can begin to introduce leads to AIFX’s national network of business development managers and in doing so earn a healthy revenue stream in the process. Preferred partners will be accepted if they can demonstrate influence over a large number of people be that a network, business club or other group.

Preferred partners will join the AIFX online community and will receive a monthly passive income of between 10% and 60% of the monthly subscription of each person they introduce who signs up to the training programme. This commission is also renewed every time the member renews their contract with AIFX and, importantly, is not added to the amount the introduced individual pays.

AIFX has set up an online Preferred Partner introduction calculator to show exactly how much can be earned, depending on the number of annual introductions. This can be accessed at:

Karen Butt, head of sales at, commented: “Our new preferred partner offering opens up an extra income opportunity for any individual who believes in the AIFX FOREX trading training course and is able to demonstrate influence over a significant group of individuals. Preferred partners may not wish to join the course themselves, however they will be able to see its benefits and be able to outline those benefits and the details to their friends, clients, colleagues and introduce them to us. From there our network of BDMs takes over and the preferred partner then receives a passive income for any introduced individual that signs up for the course. Over the course of a year this could provide a sizeable alternative income stream and comes at no extra cost to the individual signing up for the course.”

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