Air Group supports My Care Consultant guide

Jessica Bird

May 21, 2020

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Retirement and later life collective Air Group has voiced its support for a new guide for advisers and their clients, produced by care specialist My Care Consultant. 

The guide, entitled ‘Your guide to getting the care you need’, provides practical advice on the variety of care options available to clients.

It has been put together as part of My Care Consultant’s online technical resource site, Care Box.

The guide, written by Tony Miles, technical director at My Care Consultant, is for people looking to arrange care for themselves or a loved one, but has also been designed to enable financial advisory firms to respond quickly and constructively to clients when care needs arise.

Care Box is a subscription-based information hub aimed at supporting financial advisers, paraplanners and support staff in giving both non-regulated and regulated care advice.

Air Group member firms can access Care Box via preferential terms, giving them the ability to earn 250 Air Unity Points for a monthly membership, or 3,000 Unity Points for an annual membership.

Unity Points are offered as part of Air Rewards, the group’s rewards scheme for advisers.

Stuart Wilson, CEO at Air Group, said: “Now, perhaps more than ever before, advisory firms and the general public need to understand what care options are available to them and to begin working through their care needs journey.

“We are therefore very pleased to support this guide because it provides practical information and support and sets out the key steps along the care journey.

“Our Air member firms can get this guide, and access to Care Box while also earning reward points, but the main benefit is the information it contains and the clear benefits it will bring in terms of availing clients of all the facts around their care needs and the options available to them.”

Jacqueline Berry, director of My Care Consultant, said: “Navigating the confusing maze of the health and social care sectors in the UK today can be bewildering for people dealing with it for the first time.

“We’ve often been asked by advisers whether we know of a simple, clear guide they could give to their clients at the beginning of their care journey.

“We’ve been looking for something suitable for some time, but we could never find one that really did the job – so we decided to create it ourselves.

“This guide provides clear guidance in respect of key steps that consumers can take to give themselves the best chance of achieving a positive outcome for their situation.”

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