Air quality to become major issue for homebuyers

Ryan Bembridge

April 5, 2017

Air pollution levels will become a major selling point for vendors and homebuyers in the next few years, according to David Lawrenson, owner of property consultancy Letting Focus.

He lamented growing pollution levels from diesel fuels which give off less carbon dioxide but are more dangerous in other ways.

Lawrenson said: “I predict that within a few years, folks advertising properties for rent or to buy will start to show if their property is a safe distance, at least 200 metres from a main road.

“Relative safety in pollution terms will become a selling point. Try finding an advert on Rightmove that shows this as a feature today and you will look in vain. But I am sure this will change.

“In due course, there may even be legislation to force vendors and landlords to show local average air quality information, though don’t bank on it, because there are too many parties with too much to lose.”

Lawrenson praised London Mayor Sadiq Khan for talking up the issue of air pollution in the City.

Currently properties for sale must have an energy performance certificate but don’t disclose the air pollution levels in the area.

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