AIR Sourcing enters second phase of development

Ryan Fowler

August 23, 2016

AIR Sourcing, the recently-launched sourcing system for equity release and retirement lending products, has announced the next phase of its development which will include a number of additional features.

The system was designed as the first consumer outcome-driven sourcing proposition for both experienced and less experienced advisers. It focuses on detailing the widest range of product options, featuring not only Equity Release Council-approved products but also other retirement lending products.

AIR Sourcing covers at least four times as many product choices as other systems featuring all products from all retirement lending providers with users able to access its unique ‘Research Filters’ to show all product variations.

It has now embarked on a series of Phase Two amendments and the addition of new features into the system, including a ‘Tools and Calculators’ section which will include a ‘Borrowing Forecast’ that can compare products over time, show the impact of further drawdowns or payments off the loan and produce illustrated charts for clients to help advisers justify their recommendations.

It also has a ‘Knowledge Base’ which will serve as a source of information not only on equity release but the complete range of later life products and advice areas; it will also cover access to State Benefit software, webinars, and further reading to improve knowledge and the quality of advice.

In addition to that there is a a ‘Marketing Hub’ which will offer numerous templates, downloads, guides and links to online tools to create and manage a marketing campaign. Other features such as an online suitability report creator and an online client solicitor instruction are also now available.

AIR Sourcing was launched by Answers in Retirement Ltd – a team with significant expertise and experience in the retirement sector – in May this year. Since launch the system has grown to over 1,400 registered users (of which over 500 are regularly active) conducting over 1,200 sourcing sessions each month.

The system is available to registered advisers free of charge and offers products with enhanced terms for members of the Equity Release Club and Later Life Academy.

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