Air Sourcing incorporates state benefits sorting system into software

Michael Lloyd

June 20, 2018

AIR Sourcing, the sourcing system for equity release and retirement lending products, has incorporated of a fully-integrated state benefits reporting system into its software, meaning advisers using it can check whether their clients can claim benefits.

These include: housing benefit, council tax support, pension credit, universal credit and many others through the system.

The system is being utilised within the third version of AIR Sourcing and has been built in association with entitledto, the provider of online state benefit calculators.

This is fully integrated with entitledto via an AIP (application programming interface) and allows the adviser to calculate all the key information regarding state benefit entitlements and import the results and detail into a personalised and comprehensivestate benefits’ report.

It also summarises the key benefit entitlements against the client file.

AIR Sourcing believes such a reporting system within the software provides the adviser, and their client, with full sight on their entitlement allowing them to ensure any recommendation does not impinge on their ability to secure state benefits.

AIR Sourcing is available free to all members of the Later Life Academy (LLA), the commercial and training organisation for later life advisers, and will be available as an additional upgrade for non-LLA members.

The newest version of AIR Sourcing – launched earlier this quarter – combines a sourcing system with an API platform that allows advisers to generate their own KFIs using client data they have entered into the system’s sourcing tool, saving significant amounts of time.

The system covers at least four times as many product choices as other systems,featuring products from all retirement lending providers with users able to access its unique ‘research filters’ to show all product variations.

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