Aldermore commercial lending manager retires

Sam Cordon

November 19, 2013

Thurlby has had a long and successful career in the commercial mortgage industry, having started his career at NatWest, and having held positions at US Bank Manufacturers Hanover (now JP Morgan Chase), National Bank of Canada, Commercial Mortgage Systems, Wilshire Financial Group and State Securities, among others.

In 2006, Thurlby joined Aldermore group commercial director Mark Stephens in constructing the investment business case for the creation of the Anacap investment, Base Commercial Mortgages, which merged with Ruffler Bank to form Aldermore in 2009. Thurlby played a key role in the due diligence of Ruffler Bank during the merger processes.

Rob Lankey, Aldermore commercial mortgages managing director, said: “Martin’s contribution to Aldermore has been significant and he has played a major role in helping us to shape the commercial mortgage business we have today.

“We thank Martin for his dedication to Aldermore and wish him a long and pleasant retirement.”

Thurlby added: “It has been very exciting to be an integral part of growing the business over the past few years.

“I am sure Aldermore will continue to grow with the great team of people who really care about the Bank, doing a good job and most of all, their customers.”

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