Almost half of borrowers expect better deals from brokers

Jake Carter

December 10, 2020

An estimated 49% of borrowers expect better deals from their broker, according to the Mortgage Insights 20/21 research conducted by DPR Group.

The research is based upon the results of 2,000 mortgage consumers, brokers and lenders.

The data explored the challenges faced by the different respondents to provide a unique insight into the current state of the mortgage market.

When questioned about ongoing service after a mortgage had been arranged, 60% of mortgage consumers expected brokers to proactively inform them when they were coming to their deal end period.

Other aspects of ongoing service saw 35% expecting regular annual reviews, followed by 26% wanting regular communication.

However 37% of brokers say that they have no technology solution in place to enable them to communicate regularly and easily with their customers, and 62% of those brokers have no plans to source such a solution.

This contrasts to the remaining 63% of brokers with a solution in place, with two thirds reporting that they had effectively retained over 60% of existing business through the use of such technology.

David Bennett, commercial director of eKeeper, said: “It will always be customers that dictate the level of interaction and engagement they want from any business.

“Our research certainly highlights the desire from a good proportion of mortgage customers for a post-sale relationship like those employed by financial advisers.

“Of course, engaging with customers prior to the deal end date is simply a necessity for any mortgage and protection intermediary to preserve that relationship and continue to demonstrate value.

“It will also help to keep the relationship with the customer, which should enable additional protection sales and prevent the customer going straight to the lender for an automatic product transfer.”

“Within the eKeeper CRM systems, retention tooling is an integral functionality which ensures that leads and diarised reminders are automatically generated.

“However, it is concerning from both a commercial and servicing perspective, that a third of brokers do not use any technology for retention and a large amount have no intention of implementing such tools.”

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