Alternative Bridging reassures brokers after Brexit

Ryan Bembridge

July 8, 2016

Alternative Bridging has reassured brokers and borrowers that it will maintain its lending policy and hold firm on loan offers after the Brexit vote.

Its chief executive Jonathan Rubins (pictured) spoke of the lender’s 20 year track record and warned against using a nervous lender.

He said: “With over 20 years of lending under our belt, including the credit crunch, we know how to negotiate the peaks and troughs of turbulent markets.

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“This time is no different and our brokers and borrowers know they can rely on us to maintain our lending policy and to hold firm on our loan offers.

“Introducers and principals alike need certainty of closing when committing to new property purchases and refinancing.

“It takes strong nerves and a steady hand, backed by experience and reliable internal funding to lend with confidence in this post-Brexit market. Nothing is worse than a nervous lender.”

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