Amber offers products with extended discount periods

Amanda Jarvis

January 19, 2005

These new products are available from 17th January 2005. CCJs and Defaults are ignored on all products if over 3 years old or if satisfied for over 1 year, and Defaults are completely ignored on the Adverse range of products.

– Amber Prime – Discount extended until 30.04.08
– Light and Medium Adverse – Discount extended until 30.04.07
– Bespoke – Discounted for 12 months from completion
– Self-Certification – Discount extended until 30.04.08
– 100% – Discount extended until 30.04.06
– Buy-To-Let Discount extended until 30.04.06.

Mike Perry, associate director of sales and marketing at Amber, commented, “Following the continuing success of these products, Amber is pleased to extend the discount period and end dates on all of Amber’s products. We are happy to continue our commitment to brokers providing a range of products to meet every client’s needs.”

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