Amber relaunches product range

Amanda Jarvis

February 2, 2006

Many product ranges offer several LTV tiers, enabling the needs of customers to be matched very closely, and an interest rate reflecting their personal circumstances to be achieved.

Highlights include the selection of Feather Adverse products (up to £1000 CCJs and one missed mortgage payment in the last 6-12 months are acceptable), all with no extended tie-in.

Choices of either full status or self-cert variations are available on both discounted and fixed rate products.

The range extends up to 90 per cent LTV and gives £300 cashback on all discounted products. It includes the Feather Adverse 5.19 per cent full-status fixed-rate product, available up to 75 per cent LTV.

At the upper end of the adverse spectrum, the Super Heavy Adverse range accepts unlimited CCJs, Defaults and missed mortgage payments, as well as discharged bankruptcy, up to 85 per cent LTV. The range is HLC-free and includes full status and self-cert options.

Mike Perry, associate director sales and marketing at Amber commented: “With speculation that the Monetary Policy Committee will be bringing interest rates down, I am pleased to offer increased discounts and improved fixed rates prior to any announcement.”

Amber has also launched a range of prime self-certification products.

The range includes a selection of two-year discounted and three-year fixed options, as well as a 5.19 per cent five-year fixed rate product.

Both the discounted products and the three-year fixed products offer several LTV tiers, enabling intermediaries to match the needs of their clients specifically, and achieve a competitive interest rate.

Mike Perry, associate director sales and marketing at Amber, commented: “This is a really strong range of products, competitively priced, and based on LIBOR, with no ERC overhang. CCJs and defaults are ignored if over three years old or if satisfied for one year on the whole range, and there are Cashback product options on offer too.

Combined with our adverse self-cert products, we now have options to suit all types of clients wishing to self-certify their income.”

The range is linked to three-month LIBOR and the fixed range starts at 4.99 per cent up to 75 per cent LTV.

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