AMI announces board election timetable

Jessica Nangle

October 11, 2017

The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (AMI) has announced details of its board elections which will take place in November.

The period for nominations for certain board positions has now been opened and is part of the process where all board positions are re-elected on at least a three-year rolling cycle, although existing members of the board may stand for re-election.

This year’s board elections will take place in the regional and national firm constituencies, the network constituency and the club constituency.

Robert Sinclair, chief executive of the AMI, said: “The AMI board plays a vital role for the organisation in providing direction and policy guidance to AMI’s activities.

“Members wishing to serve as AMI Board members must be committed advocates of the intermediary distribution channel and prepared to represent not just their own constituents but the entire mortgage intermediary profession.

“We hope AMI members will want to contribute to the trade body’s work and shape our ongoing agenda by standing for election.”

The results will be announced on the 30 November.

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