AMI talks to SNP on mortgages

Sarah Davidson

August 12, 2015

In a wide ranging debate on the economy, housing and mortgage markets, time was spent looking at the issues preventing a real growth in house building and particularly affordable housing.

The need for planning reforms and a different attitude to land its price needs to be established, said Sinclair.

He said: “It is reassuring to see SNP party members engage with business leaders and seek to educate themselves on issues affecting constituents.

“Too often politicians forget to spend time encouraging debate with experts outside their day-to-day lives or learning about industries other than their own.

“While it’s unlikely the SNP will need a housing policy of its own outside Scotland, it’s encouraging to see them spending time to understand the real economic issues underpinning our housing and mortgage markets – that knowledge is key to shaping policy that will help to fix some of the challenges we face.”

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