AMPD searches for general manager

Amanda Jarvis

February 6, 2006

The position is open to applicants with the ability and experience to build and manage the industry’s newest and most exciting trade alliance.

Formed in January 2006, AMPD is made up of 12 packagers who together completed £2Bn of mortgage business in 2005. The alliance will launch exclusive products from a variety of lenders – fully packaged for its intermediaries.

John Mawdsley, Spokesperson for AMPD ‘this is an excellent opportunity for an individual with a combination of strategic vision and hands on management know how. AMPD is made up of forward thinking packagers- a trait we will be looking for in the General Manager’.

Based on the values of mutual ownership and ‘not for profit’, AMPD will be reinvesting in products and services for the benefit of intermediaries and their customers.

Interested applicants for the General Manager position should contact John Mawdsley at The Mortgage Partnership on 0151 342 9119.

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