Annual house prices grow

Nia Williams

March 2, 2010

Assetz House Price Watch compiles monthly average figures taken from all of the major house price indices to offer a more accurate picture of house price trends.

The average house price, ascertained from the five major UK indices, was £194,168 in January. This is a £8,669 increase on figures for January 2009 and represents 4.7% growth year-on-year. Average house prices are currently at the highest level since October 2008 (£194,735).

The latest figures also eliminate the slight fall in the average house price in December and suggest continued growth in 2010.House prices are now less than 10 per cent (9.73%) below the peak house price of £215,089 recorded in October 2007.

The figures reveal that while the UK continues to see positive growth, the rate of growth continues to slow. The three month rolling average data shows a current annualised growth rate of 2.28% compared to 4.29% last month. The six month rolling average data shows 5.94% annualised growth rate in January, down from 7.79% in December and a high of 11.93% in October 2009.

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