Answers in Retirement Group launches Learning Hub

Michael Lloyd

September 10, 2018

Answers in Retirement Group has launched its ‘Learning Hub’ for later life advisers at its Gloucester-based premises to provide advisers with both entry and advanced courses on all its Later Life Academy modules and workshops on its AIR Sourcing software. 

AIR Group currently comprises: AIR Sourcing – the sourcing system for equity release and retirement lending products; the Equity Release Club – the platform for equity release and later life advisers; and the Later Life Academy (LLA) – the commercial and training organisation for later life advisers.

The on-site Learning Hub will be headed by training and marketing manager, Danielle Wilson, and training and lead generation manager, Helen Smith, and will offer all adviser attendees easy access to all Answer in Retirement’s experts.

Stuart Wilson, chief executive officer, Answers in Retirement Group, said: “The Learning Hub, much like the other areas of our business, needs to be responsive to the quick developments and fast rates of progression within the sector.

The Later Life Academy is still aiming towards creating advisers whose ability to give holistic, accurate advice to their clients is absolutely paramount, so we’ve updated our training to help ensure that this is the case.

“Not only will we target advisers fresh to the sector in giving ‘beginner level’ sessions but will aid those already experienced advisers in increasing their knowledge and skills around the sector by providing advanced level sessions too.”

Full-day sessions will be offered at the Learning Hub as well as weekly one-to-one hour-long slots available allowing advisers to work with staff on a bespoke basis. Advisers will be able to choose what models and training they wish to receive during these time periods.

The Learning Hub will also be conducting quarterly workshops around the UK in order to deliver its training and modules.

Locations will be targeted and chosen on where the biggest demand for training is, with AIR Group bringing together lenders, providers, industry experts and other stakeholders at these events.

In October the Learning Hub will be announcing details of a national series of events working with both retirement interest-only (RIO) and equity release providers to offer an ‘Introduction to later life lending’ course.

This will cover a full range of related topics including best practice, sector opportunities, potential pitfalls, client types and product variations.

The first set of events at The Learning Hub start with four free pilot AIR Sourcing Workshop sessions, taking place on the 14 and 28 November, and the 5 and 12 December.

There are also three further Learning Hub events before the end of the year with two New Horizons Part 2 sessions taking place on the 3 October in Nottingham, and the 4 October in Leeds, while there will be a further AIR Sourcing Workshop, held in Southampton on the 1 November.

Wilson added: “We are determined to help shape this sector by creating advisers who can continue to grow and develop, as the market does the same, so that the aging population is more than sufficiently provided for.

“Our new training duo, Danielle and Helly, have established a creative, dynamic and fulfilling training program which will provide a variety of learning styles to suit all.

“And while they are employing engaging and fun learning styles, they are exceedingly serious about delivering the very best training in the market.

“We are looking forward to welcoming advisers to The Learning Hub whilst continuing to work our way across the country to meet the training needs of today’s later life advisers.”

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