AOBP: £46m bridging over summer

Sarah Davidson

September 20, 2012

The AOBP collated business volumes from 12 AOBP loan distributors and packagers using 14 different bridging lenders in the market.

The AOBP said that 10 of these lenders are regulated by the Financial Services Authority leading to 17% of the gross lending recorded being regulated residential contracts.

Lending supplied by private funders made up the bulk of bridging over the summer at £10.7m while Shawbrook Bank lent 19% of the total.

Dragonfly lent £7.3m while Masthaven lent £3.4m together accounting for 23% of the market.

Cheval and Precise Mortgages both come in at 12% of cases each, the highest on the report, although their volumes are lower than those of the top three lenders.

The AOBP said these firms favoured the smaller cases during this period while jumbo bridging lenders Omni Capital and Shawbrook substantial volumes were made up just 3% and 3.6% of cases respectively.

The AOBP said: “Although it is a sample set and does not represent the sector as a whole, it is a report which is indicative of market trends and remains a valuable set of quantifiable figures within bridging and short-term finance.”

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