Apex Bridging joins ASTL

Robyn Hall

June 25, 2015

Apex Bridging is a specialist bridging loan lender based in Leicestershire. It offers fast flexible short term property finance to individuals and companies, and on-going loan facilities to property trading and investment firms. It will lend from £50,000 up to £3million.

Apex Bridging offers first and second charge bridging loans secured against residential, commercial and agricultural properties throughout the country. The company offers high LTV’s of up 80% for first charge security and up to 75% for second charge security. The company has over the year built a reputation in designing products that meet the financial needs of its clients as it provides bespoke solutions to meet each borrower’s unique circumstances and requirements.

Benson Hersch, chief executive of the ASTL, said: “Apex Bridging is a reputable lender with a perceptive approach to its clients’ needs. The ASTL trusts that the company’s membership will continue to raise the standards of the bridging industry, as we collectively aim to add value to clients. All of our members also sign up to a Code of Conduct and a Value Charter which should give confidence to brokers and borrowers that they are dealing with a responsible and ethical lender and we welcome other lenders who are willing to operate to these high standards.”

Mike Elliot, director of Apex Bridging, added: “At Apex, we pride ourselves on providing a blend of lending expertise and excellent service to both our brokers and borrowers. Combining this with our ability to offer individually tailored solutions to clients allows us to be confident that we will continue to grow our position in the industry. Our values are very closely aligned with the ASTL and we support all its work with lenders, regulators and the treasury to promote ethical bridging lending, protecting both lenders and borrowers operating within the field.”

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