App-led insurance company launches

Ryan Bembridge

October 9, 2017

An insurance company called Homelyfe has launched allowing customers to purchase and manage policies using an app.

At first customers will be able to purchase homebuyer’s insurance for £35 but Homelyfe will widen its selection of products in the coming months.

Consumers can get the app on the Apple and Google Play app stores, or when purchasing homebuyers insurance for £35 online.

Homelyfe is an appointed representative of Vibe MGA Management Limited, a Lloyd’s managing agent, and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Peter Goodman, founder and chief executive of Homelyfe, said: “The insurance industry is notoriously complex and archaic in its approach.

“The unfortunate result is that a lot of British consumers spend a long time answering outdated questions and are not getting the adequate protection or cover they need and want.

“Some providers are still posting quotes rather than emailing them and each time you get insurance, you need to provide the same information fresh again, regardless of whether you are with the same provider.

“It shouldn’t be as difficult as it is – life is easier than that now – and it is time the insurance industry caught up with today’s consumer expectations.

“We’ve created Homelyfe to make insurance simple, intuitive and cost effective.

“By taking a common-sense approach, without the jargon or the unnecessary hoops, we’re looking to make it easy for people to get the protection they need, when they need it.”

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