Areas with faster broadband cost less

Michael Lloyd

November 19, 2019


The lowest average house price is found in areas with the highest broadband speed at an average of £189,077 for homes with 70 plus mbps, Springbok Properties has found.

This comes as the Labour Party has pledged to give free broadband for all.

Shepherd Ncube, founder and chief executive of Springbok Properties, said: “It’s amazing how something like broadband has become such an integral part of our day-to-day lives that it now influences everything from political promises to home buyer choice, but while good broadband can clearly influence a buyer’s decision, it seems that the homes that benefit from the very fastest speeds are actually the most affordable of them all.

“This suggests that although broadband speed is important, it isn’t the most influential bargaining chip when it comes to negotiating price as long as you aren’t stuck in the dark ages or in a wifi blackspot.”

Liverpool Walton has the best value in terms of the cost of property paid for every mbps of broadband speed.

The area has an average broadband speed of 61.3 and an average house price of £75,000 meaning homeowners pay just £1,223 in property prices for every mbps.

The City of London and Westminster rank as the worst constituencies for broadband property price value.

With an average house of £1,115,000 and an average broadband speed of 24 mbps, it costs home buyers £46,458 in property prices for every mbps of broadband speed.

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