ARLA mortgage comparison site launched

Nia Williams

March 2, 2010

The service was unveiled at the 2010 ARLA Conference in conjunction with sister products NAEA Mortgages for residential purchases and ICBA Mortgages for the commercial property sector.

Consumers will be able to enter their details and needs on the site and be matched with the best mortgage option for their financial situation.

“We’ve had a wealth of requests from our members to offer this comparison service,” said Ian Potter, operations manager at ARLA. “A healthy PRS is vital to the success of the housing industry and for potential landlords, being able to secure the best mortgage is key to becoming a profitable landlord.

“As with any borrowing it is essential that full information is available to a borrower in order that they can make an informed decision in connection to the potential of their purchase. This mortgage offering will enhance the services available from our members, who can assist with concerns around the suitability of a property and its likely rental figure. This should have the benefit of assisting the landlord and, at the same time, providing tenants with a better choice in the marketplace.”

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