Assurant wins customer service plaudit

Sarah Davidson

December 9, 2011

Assurant was given the customer service standard ServiceMark which measures customer service through a staff survey, customer survey and independent assessment.

Kevin Paterson, Assurant Intermediary sales and marketing director, said: “The feedback we receive from intermediaries is consistently positive but we wanted to put our people and processes to the test.

“We actively sought out an independent and qualified view from the ICS to identify any existing gaps and ensure our service is the best it can be.

“Everyone in the business bought into what we wanted to achieve and the enthusiasm that our employees displayed throughout the process was fantastic.”

Assurant Intermediary was assessed on its current commitment toward service competency via an employee survey and a benchmarking exercise against its peers in the industry.

The ICS also surveyed 100 customers asking them to rate Assurant Intermediary in five key areas including professionalism, quality and efficiency, ease of doing business, problem-solving and timeliness.

Paterson added: “We are committed to maintaining highest standards of customer service excellence and will continually work to exceed them and ensure strong customer satisfaction.”

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