Assureweb enhances portal access

Amanda Jarvis

February 6, 2006

The deal will enable users to log in to Assureweb, without entering their username and password. The first time that the Unipass certificate is used, it is linked to users’ Assureweb accounts, subsequently allowing them to log in securely at the click of a button. The move follows feedback where 96 per cent of Assureweb users resoundingly welcomed Unipass’s removal of the need to input usernames and passwords when using the portal .

One of Assureweb’s key strengths is its comprehensive range of direct links to provider extranets; users are able to produce quotes and then link to a provider site to apply for new business electronically, saving time by reusing data that has already been entered. An additional benefit for Assureweb users with Unipass certificates is that they can launch the provider extranets direct from the portal and log in seamlessly, without having to enter usernames and passwords for the different sites. Removing yet another time-consuming stage from the adviser’s business process further exploits the portal-provider relationship.

In a world of ever-increasing red-tape, promoting ease-of-use will never be outmoded – a fact supported by a resounding 85 per cent of advisers who claim that financial websites are easier to use with Unipass . Add to this the fact that Assureweb is still the only intermediary portal to have BS7799 accreditation, and advisers can be confident that their e-trading and client data are still subject to the most robust security practices.

Assureweb’s director of sales & marketing, Stephen Wynne-Jones, said: “Assureweb’s support for Unipass digital certificates emphasises our dedication to making business processes as efficient as possible. Not only does Unipass save the industry more than £288,000 per week, but 80 per cent of users with Unipass use it everyday taking advantage of its time-saving, security-conscious benefits2. We are very much looking forward to working closely with Origo, so that as many Assureweb customers as possible can start to immediately benefit from this new access method.”

Paul Pettitt, managing director of Origo, said: “In the interest of reducing costs and improving efficiency across the industry, it is important that we encourage more advisers to work online and make the most of the e-services that are available to them. I’m delighted that Assureweb is so committed to making life easier for its users.

“Security is a big issue for advisers to consider when taking their business online, so it is vital that there is a standard solution in place to secure the e-trading environment. Not only does Unipass provide users with a simple, secure and hassle-free way to obtain information online, but it also saves them time and money; a win-win situation”, he added.

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