ASTL unveils full conference lineup

Ryan Bembridge

September 4, 2017

The Association of Short Term Lenders has unveiled the full line-up for its annual conference – with Rob Lankey (pictured) of Amicus and barrister Michael Booth joining the other speakers.

The ASTL has already announced the Financial Conduct Authority’s Lorna O’Brien, the Bank of England’s Peter Andrews, Savills’ Faisal Choudry and the Sunday Times’ Tim Shipman as speakers.

Benson Hersch, chief executive of the ASTL said: “The bridging industry is going through a period of success and growth, but that does not mean that we can afford to ignore the range of challenges that the current economic and political environment are presenting.

“This line-up of speakers will provide attendees with an unrivalled selection of experience, insight and analysis from across the regulatory, legal and political landscape to tackle these challenges.”

The ASTL’s annual conference is taking place on Thursday 14 September at Painters’ Hall in the City of London.

Booth will explore the dangers of fraud in the industry, drawing upon his legal expertise across money-laundering and bribery, company and insolvency, contractual construction, property and trusts and the regulatory and disciplinary issues arising from all these areas.

Lankey will speak on lender/broker relationships.

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