ASTL19: A farewell from Benson

Jessica Nangle

November 20, 2019

Benson Hersch (pictured) has featured at his last Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL) annual conference bidding farewell and welcoming his successor Vic Jannels.

Speaking at the sixth annual ASTL conference, Hersch praised his successor whilst reflecting of his time as chief executive at the association and the progress that has been made during his tenure.

Hersch highlighted the steady rise in ASTL membership since 2008 as a significant achievement.

However he made it clear that increasing member numbers needs to be a key objective for his successor.

He also revealed that completions currently stand at £4bn, representing a fourfold growth since 2012, which Hersch said shows how individual members are doing better than ever before.

The new chief executive said how delighted he is to do what he can to guide the association forward.

Jannels hopes to follow his mantra of considering the requirements for the end user and what more can be done to make their journey better.

The lasting message was to build on the past and “help the ASTL to rise to even greater heights”.

Jannels is set to take over as chief executive on 1 January.

The ASTL Conference is being hosted in London on Wednesday 20 November.

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