AToM discloses full proc fees on website.

Amanda Jarvis

November 25, 2004

This decision has been made to provide seamless pre sale KFI production for introducing intermediaries.
Vic Jannels, Group Managing Director of AToM said, “AToM has always sought to remain transparent and, post regulation, our aim is to make KFI production as easy as possible for all of our introducers who will now be able to access full procuration (and packaging fee) details for inclusion on pre-sale KFI’s. At present, in many cases, the introducer does not have access to this information which can cause potential issues when presenting a KFI for a new mortgage client. Particularly if they then need to go back and describe the revised fee position at a later date. Our initiative will enable introducers, who have chosen to use AToM to package their cases, to access and describe accurate fees on KFI’s at outset to everyone’s benefit.”

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