Bob Hunt

Bob Hunt is chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services

No sooner had the new year begun, than any thoughts of 2021 representing some kind of break from 2020 were dispelled.

Looking gift horses in the mouth has never been a particular trait of private sector landlords over the last half a decade.

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As part of a business which caters for all financial advisers, I think it’s possible to say that we know – better than most – that there is very little difference in terms of the environment advisers work within.

There may be a period where some of the elements of the lockdown months are genuinely missed.

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Reading the signals

The provision of higher LTV products is likely to be a bell weather for the entire mortgage market.

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What we can perhaps all agree to do is continue working together – we are all connected in this.

BoE Money and Credit - mortgage approvals

If Bailey was hoping to skip over to Threadneedle Street with a roaring endorsement from MPs then he is likely to be seriously disappointed by the reaction he has got.

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When asked about these general threats, not once have I ever thought one of the major threats was to consumers from their advisers.

The start of a new decade

While there have certainly been challenges over the past few years, the intermediary community and market has appeared to grow stronger and stronger.

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The importance of advice

A significant number of potential and existing borrowers still walk into their bank branch, or phone them up and don’t visit a mortgage adviser at all.