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Bob Hunt is chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services

I wanted to take this opportunity to write about John Coffield, particularly the massive contribution he has made to Paradigm over the past 14 years.

Bob Hunt Paradigm

Marrying up the huge benefits of quality technology with the principles of quality advice has always presented certain housing market-facing businesses with a challenge.

Bob Hunt Paradigm

Here’s a conundrum

According to research from Key Group, nearly 25% of house sales are reliant on financial help from the Bank of Mum and Dad.

Without extra supply, it may ultimately not matter to many would-be buyers that they can now get a low-deposit mortgage, because there simply won’t be the properties available to buy with it.

There are few things that surprise me in financial services, but the recent news from the FSCS that it is likely to issue an industry-wide levy of over £1bn for the 2021/22 year was undoubtedly a head-scratcher moment.

No sooner had the new year begun, than any thoughts of 2021 representing some kind of break from 2020 were dispelled.

Looking gift horses in the mouth has never been a particular trait of private sector landlords over the last half a decade.

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As part of a business which caters for all financial advisers, I think it’s possible to say that we know – better than most – that there is very little difference in terms of the environment advisers work within.

There may be a period where some of the elements of the lockdown months are genuinely missed.

Bob Hunt Paradigm

Reading the signals

The provision of higher LTV products is likely to be a bell weather for the entire mortgage market.