Bob Hunt

Bob Hunt is chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services

Introducing a mandatory energy rating level for all dwellings across the country would go a long way.

So, while our political heads might well have been turned by all things Brexit or President Trump’s visit to the UK, the seeds have perhaps begun to be sown which might deliver a further revolution to our housing and mortgage market.

I recently listened to a very good podcast put out by Andrew Montlake of Coreco and featuring three mortgage journalists – one of whom is the Publishing Editor of this very publication.

To suggest advisers are too intent on picking the first product that shows its head in order to secure a quick proc fee is just nonsense.

The relationship between the various parties involved in the mortgage process is pretty complex – even if you might be able to boil it down to a simple lender-borrower relationship, that’s unlikely to be the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

While Secure Trust Bank’s may not return to lending anytime soon, I’m led to believe that Fleet Mortgages is currently finalising a new funding line with a new product range to be launched before the end of the month.

I’m very confident about the role of the mortgage adviser and their ability to thrive in any future economy.

Our sector – quite rightly – will remain heavily regulated.

To say the first batch of product transfer data, published by UK Finance, was surprising would be something of an understatement. These are figures which the industry has been waiting many years to see and, despite some educated guesses on just how big the market might be, I’m not sure many people thought it would be in the region of £200bn-plus a year.

All in all, the opportunities clearly outweigh the threats when it comes to the later life market.