Bob Hunt

Bob Hunt is chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services

I’m very confident that the advantages to our market far outweigh any potential negatives.

It would be very surprising not to see larger lenders not just opening up but also potentially squaring the circle by offer equity release products as well.

A is for Affordability

Bob Hunt is chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services In the lexicon of the mortgage market, and perhaps top of the heap in terms of…

Thinking of going DA

Compliance is such an important part that DAs might well be better off bringing that support in and getting the best of both worlds.

Some lenders are not overly keen to continue lending in this space.

An base rate increase back to 0.5% wouldn’t be too damaging and would signal to consumers that borrowing costs can’t be this low forever

Longer hours do not necessarily deliver better quality work and my opinion is that time spent away from work/with family is just as valuable.

The referral option should not be viewed as a ‘poor relation’ to providing the advice yourself.

Reflecting on President Trump

At this point it’s fair to say that being in a position of not knowing what comes next might be preferable to actually knowing.

Great expectations

We still remain a generation away from building the required number of houses necessary for today’s demand, let alone what might be needed in the future.