Bob Hunt

Bob Hunt is chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services

Longer hours do not necessarily deliver better quality work and my opinion is that time spent away from work/with family is just as valuable.

The referral option should not be viewed as a ‘poor relation’ to providing the advice yourself.

Reflecting on President Trump

At this point it’s fair to say that being in a position of not knowing what comes next might be preferable to actually knowing.

Great expectations

We still remain a generation away from building the required number of houses necessary for today’s demand, let alone what might be needed in the future.

We as an industry are letting down existing borrowers.

The intermediary is king

These are not times when intermediary advice has lost is allure.

It is perhaps not surprising that more mainstream operators have been eyeing the sector up, and now seem to be making their moves.

The next big move – regulatory approval permitting – will perhaps be focused on whether lenders feel confident to offer a straight 100% product

The FCA is going to want to see much more customer-focused, fully-rounded advisory propositions aimed at later life individuals.

The UK government and regulators have been attempting to put right the wrongs of a system in which King and others were overseeing.