Conor Murphy

As we begin to navigate Q1 2021, and a third national lockdown, mortgage brokers across the nation are examining working practices to identify how they can maximise productivity, while also remaining conscious of public health concerns.

COVID-19 has affected all industries in various ways, from virtual meetings over Zoom to moving the office to the kitchen table; there isn’t a corner of our working lives which has remained unscathed.

There is no doubt that the solutions we are using at present are temporary, as they don’t meet the standards we’d expect in normal times, but they demonstrate to us that long-term solutions are possible.

Cloud-based solutions are designed to be adopted and integrated with a minimum of time, resources and disruption.

The importance of secure ID verification is obvious – brokers are liable if fraudulent activity occurs as part of a mortgage transaction.

While Marie Kondo primarily focuses on the home, there may be some important lessons here for brokers too.