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I’m not sure how many 16-24 year old clients you currently have – I’m going to guess at not that many – but when it comes to the younger age groups there is definitely a need to ramp up the educational message around credit scores and what it could potentially mean for them.

Click2Check David Jones Credit Assess

One thing the pandemic might have taught many people is the need to live in the here and now.

I’ve often been intrigued by people who say they ‘don’t follow politics’ or ‘have no interest in politics’ or ‘politicians are all the same’.

Opportunities to be had

With plenty of focus, quite rightly, on purchase activity currently, and with the next couple of months likely to be incredibly busy in terms of completions, it seems somehow important not to get lost in the closing of cases.

I think I’m on fairly safe ground in suggesting, in the months and years ahead, there will be an increasing number of homeowners not only taking mortgage debt into retirement, but also willing to look at their house as an asset to be utilised.

Click2Check David Jones Credit Assess

Treading softly

Only wanting to leave a soft footprint at DIP stage, suggests advisers are currently feeling the need to try multiple lender avenues for their clients, which in turn would suggest perhaps a lack of certainty in the client’s financials.

Even without the decision to extend the government’s furlough scheme by another six months, this up-coming period was still going to see a huge amount of fluctuation.

The credit situation for a significant number of borrowers is going to change as a result of Covid-19, the lockdown and the financial decisions they have made.

Click2Check David Jones Credit Assess

When I read recent research that suggested four million people in the UK checked their credit score for the first time during the COVID-19 lockdown, my first reaction was, “Is that all?”

Click2Check David Jones Credit Assess

What starts off with seemingly good intentions can drop into the hands of a Dutch ‘hip hop’ duo and end up being voted Worst Video of 1986.