Eric Curran

DM Hall is one of Scotland’s largest firms of independent chartered surveyors. Eric Curran became its managing partner in January 2014 before which he had been a partner at the firm’s Glasgow North office. He specialises in residential property matters, providing professional advice in valuation, funding, disputes tax calculations, investment and development. In 2015, Eric was invited to be chair of the RICS Residential Property Professional Group Board, an appointment which confirmed Eric as one of the most influential authorities in residential surveying in Scotland. He is also an integral part of the professional indemnity team within DM Hall.

There is, I am sure, a more measured and professional way of saying this, but the stark fact of the matter is that the residential housing market in Scotland has gone nuts.

In a property-owning democracy – to which, despite the ups and downs of the past few decades, most people in the UK still aspire – anything which allows young people to achieve the dream of their own space has to be unreservedly welcomed.

Phoney Brexit

Surveyors reflect the market they are not expected to make the market.

Scotland lockdown

If the UK goes to the polls, the clamour for a second referendum in Scotland will only become louder

Outcomes of this momentous period in our history may be positive, or negative, or neutral.

Our profession rightly holds itself accountable to the highest standards and prides itself on the rock-solid worth of an unsullied reputation.

After the flood

The imperative for surveyors in the immediate aftermath is not to over-react.