George Gee

George Gee is commercial director at Foundation Home Loans

Factors such as portfolio diversification, profitability, yields, tenant demand, rental voids and access to borrowing are always high on their agenda and any combination of these can lead to increases (or decreases) in activity levels and confidence.

Welcome to 2021

Here we are, a new year and I always feel a sense of optimism about what is to come, but perhaps especially this year given the incredible challenges of 2020 and the hope with which we start 2021.

stamp duty

Is stamp duty a red herring?

Strong levels of yield in most areas of the UK are also no doubt making further investment more attractive, and helping landlords maintain that all-important profitability.


The mortgage market is currently flying. As I write this – from an internal perspective – daily records of full mortgage applications are consistently being broken and we are entering Q4 on the back of one of our busiest quarters ever.

parliament housing minister

The recent launch of a government-led retraining quiz and campaign aimed at helping people to assess their suitability for certain careers created something of a social media buzz.

Amateur hour

Can we say that a landlord with three mortgaged properties is any less ‘professional’ than someone with four?