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There are pockets of the UK, typically within London, the South East and South West that are facing particularly acute housing issues.

However, despite demand being high in many cities, the chances of actually buying a grade-listed home remain low.

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With the majority of consumers and businesses already supportive of the Net Zero effort, the association said the main obstacle to increasing the uptake of green goods is cost.

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Within the EPiC range, rates start at 2.65% for standard properties, 2.91% for small HMOs, and 3.49% for large HMOs, MUFBs and holiday lets.

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This latest debt and equity round was led by VentureFriends, Kibo Ventures, Anthemis, Entrepreneur First, and Amro Partners.

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The average UK house price was £264,000 in August 2021, £25,000 higher than the same time last year.

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Alison Pallett, director of sales at LiveMore Capital, said: “The opportunity to work with Blueberry Specialist Lending gives us a fantastic platform to showcase our products and proposition.”


The ASA told Habito to ensure that its ads did not exaggerate the likelihood of future significant interest rate rises.

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Virgin Money will benefit from Hometrack’s Climate Change Risk analysis, provided in partnership with Ambiental and Terrafirma.

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The biggest gains in the past six months were in Scotland and the South East, with over-65s gaining more than £13,000 and nearly £12,000 respectively.