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John Phillips, national operations direction at Just Mortgages, said: “As the UK housing market steadily edges closer to normality, property transactions are returning to familiar levels.”


AMI has launched its second Viewpoint report, which looked at diversity, inclusion and equity in the mortgage industry.

The deal includes a free valuation and no application fee, and has a maximum loan amount of £1m up to 75% loan-to-value (LTV).


Automated valuation models (AVMs) are now available up to 60% LTV and with no fee and rates are available from 0.49% per month.

By opening preferential access to EG Radius, part of the EG product suite, users can utilise an online resource which supports valuations.

The think tank urged the government to give consideration to the impact of regional variability in house prices and stock when installing heat pumps to hit decarbonisation targets.

There are pockets of the UK, typically within London, the South East and South West that are facing particularly acute housing issues.

However, despite demand being high in many cities, the chances of actually buying a grade-listed home remain low.

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With the majority of consumers and businesses already supportive of the Net Zero effort, the association said the main obstacle to increasing the uptake of green goods is cost.

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Within the EPiC range, rates start at 2.65% for standard properties, 2.91% for small HMOs, and 3.49% for large HMOs, MUFBs and holiday lets.