Jean Errington

Jean Errington is BDM at Harpenden Building Society

It’s possible to book an overseas holiday for 2022 but will you be able to go? Such uncertainty continues to fuel staycation popularity creating ongoing opportunities for holiday let lending.

So have you booked your summer holiday yet? With a sense of relief, UK holiday restrictions are beginning to lift (from April 12) and that much needed break looks increasingly likely for many, boosting the domestic holiday let market.

While news of a vaccine has brought some much needed optimism to the world, the future is still far from clear.

Between local lockdowns, ongoing overseas travel restrictions and the fact that COVID-cases are on the rise once more, the outlook for a holiday abroad seems even further out of reach.

While buying a holiday let at a time of economic uncertainty may seem risky, there is a strong argument to be made for the future of the holiday lets market.