Jeff Knight

Times are changing

Yet the times they are a changing and more and more clients are falling into these categories, although don’t panic, we’re not seeing a pre-credit crunch market return.

More of the same, please…

Our view is that there could be a greater cause for positivity in our sector than some might imagine.

The market for one street can be very different to the next.

Sadly Manchester City didn’t falter but competition is good for the game, and the same applies to the buy-to-let market.

If Eric Dier’s spot kick had been a few more inches closer to Ospina, then we may not have had quite the excitement as we did once that penalty shootout finished. At this stage, anything can happen. There are fine margins between success and failure, just like business I guess.

With the World Cup finally upon us, here’s what Jeff Knight of Foundation Home Loans thinks will happen…

World Cup memories?

All I ask for this year, is a great tournament.

Any team or business, to be successful, must have strong leadership, a clear vision and a committed and motivated team.