Jessica Nangle

Joanna Place, chief operating officer at the Bank, spoke at the Women of the Square Mile event today in Olympia, London.

This option will be available to new and existing borrowers up to 75% LTV.

Brokers are able to enter enquiries on the sourcing platform or call Promise directly.

Residential properties across Scotland took an average of 12.57 weeks to sell.

Changes include reductions of up to 0.10% for 5-year fixed remortgage products up to 75% LTV.

The scheme has gross development cost of £500m and will provide around 1,000 homes.

April 2019 saw West One lend £80m across the month.

MI Live, hosted by SimplyBiz, is returning on Monday 13th May.

BWD have opened an office in Central London with the aim to support their partners in the capital.

This comes after a review following the Bank of England rate rise.