Jessica Nangle

Jessica Nangle is Deputy Editor of Mortgage Introducer

Existing applications, where a product has already been reserved, will continue to progress.

According to the ILC, 12% of workers under 50 and 21% of workers aged over 50 are self-employed.

From 6 April, anyone who sells a property on which CGT is payable will be required to pay an estimate of the tax within 30 days of the sale completing.

While new applications are suspended, Bluestone will prioritise existing applications where the valuation has already been completed. 

The hub is available for all advisory firms, not just members or users of AIR Group services.

The Housing Secretary will be holding a roundtable with mortgage lenders to work on an agreed approach to mortgage valuations for properties in buildings under 18 metres tall.

Knowledge Bank added second charges and bridging to its live feed as an increasing number of lenders change products or pull lending in these sectors.

MAB recently launched a national mortgage information service to help those struggling with their finances as a result of COVID-19.

A few lenders have had to divert resources during the beginning of the crisis to deal with existing customers requesting payment holidays, but many can still generally access deals as normal.

The FCA is conducting a brief consultation on their measures however is asking all stakeholders to respond by Monday 6 April.