Jessica Nangle

Jessica Nangle is Deputy Editor of Mortgage Introducer

By analysing 1.8 million home insurance quotes between January 2015 and December 2016 MoneySuperMarket identified postcodes with the highest and lowest rate of claims for home contents theft within a five year period.

Six of the 10 areas that took out the highest numbers of risky mortgages were in South West London with Wandsworth gaining the top spot, closely followed by Wimbledon and Clapham.

The average property let for £569 in November 2016 with the Edinburgh and Lothians region continuing to boast the highest rents with a rent growth of 4.9% in 2016.

Metro Bank bbls

The care home provider operates eight purpose-built care homes across England, as well as a significant number of development opportunities.

Brokers can now access Tesco bank’s range of mortgages through First Complete and Pink networks.

The first point is to provide certainty wherever possible about the process of leaving the European Union.

The PM’s speech at Lancaster House, London.

The total number of valuations carried out in December 2016 was 8% higher than 2015 and 40% higher than 2014.

The region saw a 7.9% increase in house prices to £315,134, outstripping the South East (5.2% to 364,729), West Midlands (4.5% to £207,698) and South West (4.1% to £269,129).


Almost half (47%) of landlords said planned tax increases represented their top concern for the New Year.