Jessica Nangle

Bloom moves from the development finance team where he was previously managing director.

Axis Bank partners with eTech

eTech’s buy-to-let hub addresses the compliance issue as well as bringing stakeholders closer together by streamlining processes and automating operations previously carried out manually.

However, just 1% of landlords with larger portfolios and only 3% overall consider the government to be supportive of the buy-to-let market.

The bank has increased the maximum LTV offered on its short-term lending product from 70 – 75%, including interest roll up and fees.

The number of smaller firms in the construction of domestic buildings sector has risen by 38% over the same time period.

The deals vary between refinance, refurbishment and support for infrastructure and business development.

The app helps university-goers to find a room or entire property to rent, whilst improving transparency and communication between the renter and landlord.

The service enables Sesame and PMS members to refer their clients to specialist partners 3mc and Mortgages for Business.

The new criteria is available on all tiers across both product ranges and on a majority of LTVs.

Almost half (47%) of the mortgage business completed by Stonebridge was a remortgage, while 17% was a buy-to-let.