Jessica Nangle

Jessica Nangle is deputy editor of Mortgage Introducer

The products offer a LTV of up to 90% with the lowest interest rate at 2.65%.

This update replaces affordability tests based on an assumed standard variable rate of 4.8%.

The figure is still high, and stands at 58% of agents witnessing an increase in rent prices.

All of Accord’s registered brokers are now registered users of the new platform. 

FLA unveils new hire

Fiona Hoyle is currently acting as interim director general.

The scheme would require either a homebuyer or seller to pay compensation if they pull out of a house sale transaction prematurely with no good reason.

The consultations will be available at the 30th Anniversary Conference of the SLC in Derby on 13 November.

Over 300 advisers took part in NMBA’s latest whitepaper.

International intelligence and analytics provider FinTech Global provided the accolade.

This comes after TSB recently refreshed its affordable housing range.