John Phillips

John Philips, operations director, Just Mortgages and Spicerhaart Extension of Help to Buy scheme until 2023 is great news, but where are the incentives to…

More and more brokers are looking to go self-employed following increasing pressure from corporate employers.

Quite understandably, the FCA believes that – like in many other sectors –technology will start to take on the roles of people within the mortgage market and brokers will gradually become redundant.

Even those who do sell up, it is more than likely another landlord will take on the property anyway.

What the negative reporting may well do is slow down the more cautious of the population from making a move when they want to.

A pride in protection

In the US, people are proud if they have a high amount insured as it means they are looking after themselves and their families and are not a burden on the state.

To say that the leasehold reform is overdue is an understatement.

It is time that everyone stands together to do their bit, or else the issue of the aging broker may become an existential threat to the profession as we know it.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the employment market shapes up throughout the rest of the year.

What better time find a new deal?